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Robbe Helicommand Rigid

Robbe Helicommand Rigid
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• Stabilises all horizontal control movements: inclination (tilt), speed, position
• Auxiliary „pilot“ channel for adjusting stabilisation effect and switching between horizontal mode and position mode
• Integral heading-lock gyro, swashplate mixer and automatic trim
• Second auxiliary channel (“AUX channel”) for gyro gain and mode(normal/heading lock); optionally for automatic trim.
• Can be configured without connection to a PC by simple learning procedure,for almost all rotor head linkage types with up to 3 servos
• Fail-safe if radio link fails (PPM / FM only): switches to position stabilisation, collective pitch to ‘hold’.
• Suitable for internal-combustion and electric-powered helicopters
• Can be used indoors and in the open air
• PC adaptor included for supplementary settings, including:
Setup as necessary for HR4-linkage, automatic trim option, freewheel function for forward flight, optimised settings for stabilisation and tail rotor gyro.

3D Version includes all the above plus the following
• Horizontal stabilisation for inverted fl ying
• Expanded set-up facilities via PC adaptor

HeliCommand RIGID No. 8495
• Includes all the features of the HeliCommand 3A and 3D, plus:
• RIGID mode for stabilising flybar-less rotor heads, highly effective in preventing ballooning and tuck-under at high speed and in gusty conditions.
• Eliminates the need for aileron (roll-axis) and elevator (pitch-axis) trim functions.
• RIGID mode stabilises fl ybar-less helicopters (two or more rotor blades) as well as conventional flybar-equipped helicopters.
• The pilot channel can be used to select: horizontal mode, position mode, RIGID mode.
• RIGID and horizontal modes even function without visual contact between the optical sensor and the ground, i.e. no opening is required in the helicopter fuselage if you do not need to use position mode.
• Electronic linearisation to compensate for mechanical irregularities (angular offset) when using the H4 swashplate linkage.

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