Protos Max V2 Leggero + BrainV2 - Neon Orange

Protos Max V2 Leggero + BrainV2 - Neon Orange
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Frame: Support frame made in carbon fiber 2.5mm and aluminium.
Bottom frame made in one-piece high quality thermoplastic material
System trasmission (motor - main rotor): 15mm Belt
Usable main blades: 716mm (with short boom) - 800mm (with optional long boom)
Battery usable: LiPo from 10s to 14s 4000/5500mAh
Battery compartment dimensions: 70mmx60mmx360mm
Suggested battery: Lipo 12s 5000mAh
Main rotor diameter: 1577mm (with 700mm blades) - 1777mm (with 800mm blades)
Tail rotor diameter: 286mm (with 105mm tail blades)
Total length without blades: 1371mm
Total length with blades: 1757mm (with 700mm blades) - 1857mm (with 800mm blades)
Main shaft diameter: 12mm totally hollow
Tail shaft diameter: 6mm
Fully height: 365mm
Swashplate servos: 3x standard servos (Not included) - (Futaba spline servo horns are supplied with the kit. Futaba spline also fits MKS and Savox. JR horns are available as upgrade).
Tail servo: 1x standard servo (Not included)
Maximum dimension of main blade root: 14mm M5 screw
Maximum dimension of tail blade root: 5mm M3 screw
Teeth pinion: 20T included. (18T 19T 21T 22T 23Toptional)
Main pulley teeth: 190T
Autorotation pulley teeth: 143T
Tail pulley teeth: 30T
Tail boom diameter: 27mm
Spindle diameter: 10mm
Main head and tail box construction material: Al 7075 (Ergal)
Main shaft construction material: Steel

Flybarless unit: Brain 2
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