Carbon Conversion for DJI Phantom 3

Got a DJI Phantom 3 (Standard, Pro or Advanced). Then this Carbon chassis conversion maybe just the thing to make your Phantom stand out from the masses out there. Click here to view it. MH-DJI005CF

Align MR25 4S Power!!!

Want more power from your Align you can with the official 4 Cell conversion from Align. This pack includes all items to allow you to use a 4 Cell battery with your MR25. Also soon to be released are new bodies to allow the larger 4 cell batteries to be housed within the body. Keep an eye on our website for these arriving soon too. Click here to view the motor conversion. [caption id="attachment_3928" align="alignleft" width="300"]Align MR25 4S Motor Conversion Align MR25 4S Motor Conversion[/caption]

New Immersion RC Vortex PRO In Stock

The eagerly awaited and extremely highly rated Vortex Pro Combo is now in stock from Immersion RC. This is the full combo with their official zipped carry case. All that is required to complete is a receiver and battery. Click here to view this combo. All parts are now in stock too, click here to view them Immersion RC Vortex Pro

Viewing More Items Per Page

I thought I would add a quick video showing how you easily can view more items per page on our new website. This is shown using a mobile, but it is the same procedure if using a tablet or a desktop pc.

New Synergy 766 Now in Stock!

The latest release from Matt Botos at Synergy RC has arrived. This is one large model! Click here to view it. Typical no compromise quality you come to expect from Synergy R/C throughout the kit with some great attention to detail. The manual is also a work of art and for sure ranks as the best manual I have ever seen, this is how all manuals should be produced! Click here to check out the manual [embed][/embed]

More Align MR25 In Stock!

Some more stock of MR25 & MR25P have just arrived. The MR25P have already sold out again! But we do have a few MR25's left if you're quick ;-) These are now supplied with the latest V1.1 firmware already installed and they also have the new Clear Plastic Cover that adds extra protection to the Camera Board. We have free stocks of these cases for all previously supplied MR25's which we will be shipping out tomorrow to all customers. If you purchased one over the counter please get in touch and we will gladly drop this into the post free of charge for you. Click here to view the MR25's MR25 DM Poster

Align FPV Goggles Now In Stock!

The eagerly awaited FPV goggles from Align are now here. These are of course ideal for use with the very popular Align MR25/MR25P FPV Racing Quads. But they will also work with pretty well any other 5.8ghz video transmitters out there. This version includes a built in DVR to allow you to record to Micro SD your flight from the view point of the goggles. They have a great widescreen viewpoint with a good resolution. Click here to view them HEMFPV01T


DJI have just announced a huge drop in price on the very popular Phantom 3 range. These now start for only £449.00 for a full combo! Also announced isa new 'Black Edition' of the Inspire 1 Pro. Click here to to view them all DJI-INSPIRE-PRO-BLACK

Align MR25/P FPV Racing Quad Pricing!

The pricing for this much anticipated release into the ever popular FPV racing scene as been set at a very impressive £289.99 for the BNF Combo.

With all the top and modern Elec technology, the MR25 is equipped with 7 in one: Flight Controller system, utilizes a 32 bits high speed processor that results in a highly stable and reliable performance. Providing the most effective way of system and camera setting adjustment via APP iOS & Android system, as well as with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility featuring low power long distance high speed transmission. The ideal Tilt angle camera provide instant tilting compensation in high speed flight. The mainly structure is uniquely designed with adjustable motor tilt angle offering flexible compensation, and customizable 256 LED colors through APP. Superb lightweight and anti-collision frame design is also capable of 3D flips by moving aileron/elevator stick to the end. This is the one you definitely need, come and take a look!

Keep an eye on our site for them coming very soon :-)

MR25P DM Poster MR25 DM Poster