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neXt - Heli Flight Simulator w/ Align AT100 TX and USB Lead

[caption id="attachment_3786" align="alignleft" width="300"]NEXT-COMBO : neXt - Heli Flight Simulator w/ Align AT100 TX and USB Lead NEXT-COMBO : neXt - Heli Flight Simulator w/ Align AT100 TX and USB Lead[/caption] This cool little simulator is an absolute bargain when it comes to Mac users - as it works natively on OSX! Of course, there is the windows version and the Linux version, all in one! We have put together a nice starter bundle for you here, which includes the neXt simulator along with an Align AT100 transmitter and an Align USB lead. Click here to check out the bundle offer, and to buy yours today.

Align M480L and M690L Multicopter Super Combos now in stock

[caption id="attachment_3704" align="alignleft" width="300"]RM48001XT : Align M480L Multicopter Super Combo RM48001XT : Align M480L Multicopter Super Combo[/caption] After the initial slow release of these superb quad and hexacopters from Align, we have fulfilled our pre-orders and now have stock on the shelves! These machines look stunning and fly extremely well. Great for use for anything from a fun machine to a high end aerial video platform. If you have been waiting for more general availaibility of these machines instead of hanging on a pre-order, your wait is over! Click here to view further details on the Align M480L Quadcopter. Click here to view further details on the Align M690L Hexacopter.

Align T-Rex 500 Speed Fuselages now in stock and selling quickly.

The new Speed fuselage conversion for the popular Align T-Rex 500 is now in stock. We also have very limited stocks of the seconds versions. These are almost indistinguishable from the original except for maybe a small blemish in the finish. In most cases this is not noticeable and is never anything major. See here for more information.


Pre-Orders Now Live for the Upcoming Align Multicopters

We are now taking preorders for the very impressive looking combos from Align of the new Multirotor, Quad and Hexcopters. These are both due for release around the end of September. Click on the links below for more information. We will also be receiving the optional active gimbals and OSD Video Digital Transmitters at the same time. These will be published in our website once we have them in stock. Prices including VAT can be seen below for these optional items. HED00001T : OSD + Video Digital Transmitter : £134.99 RG301XT : G3-GH Gimbal : £899.99 RG302XT : G3-5D Gimbal : £949.99 Click here for the Align M480L Quadcopter. Click here to view the Align M690L Hexcopter.



New Lower Pricing on the Align T-Rex 450L Dominator

We now have a new much lower price point on this popular model. Both the 3 and 6 cell variants are now available at a stunning price point. You can still tailor the package to your requirements. See here for more information. RH45E10XT

Align T-Rex 150 now with a free case for a limited time

For a limited time we are offering the Align T-Rex 150 DFC with a free carry case worth nearly £30.00. You can select the colour case or your choice from either the Black or yellow version. Simply add both the kit and one of the cases to your shopping basket and the case value will be deducted automatically from your total. See here for more information.



Latest Spec Align Trex 700L Dominator Now in stock.

The latest offering from align takes the hugely popular 700 sized model to new levels with greatly improved new GPro Flybarless system with optional Bluetooth support for easy programming via a freely available android or osx app. Many other improvements have been made and the price is amazing value for this combo! See here for more information


Mega Bargains on Align Top Spec Servos!!

See the link below for some crazy prices whilst stocks last on the flagship range of servos from Align. These will suit almost and 550-800 sized helicopter on he market. When they're gone...they're gone! Click here to view them.


Cameron flying the Align Trex 150

This is the align Trex 150 being flown by Cameron down the local flying club. Going very well, standard installation with the addition of the align yellow parts to aid with visibility. It also has a preprinted microheli canopy fitted. Keeping up with the camera is challenging ;-) http://youtu.be/c3XFR5V7T2Y



New Align Trex 150 Carry Cases Now Available.

New carry case to transport your Trex 150 safely along with storing your lipo batteries, spare blades, charger, it also includes the 3 required drivers for this model. Lastly there is included a small container to store small spares, screws etc. Available in black or yellow. Click here to view them.