Align T-Rex 700E Three Tail Blade Conversion

Align T-Rex 700E Three Tail Blade Conversion
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Suitable for T-REX 700/800 , The brand new 700E three tail blade set is specially made from aerospace grade aluminum alloy with precise mechanical process, highly enhance structural rigidity and precision., Total 3 tail blades design allow to achieve superior tail-lock performance and excellent controlling feel. For those who is addicted to 3D flying, you must convert to the three tail blade set and enjoy the amazing powerful flight performance., Optional Equipment:, 700E Three-Blade Rotor Head(H70H008XXW), 690 Carbon Fiber Blades / 3(HD690D), 105 Carbon Fiber Tail Blades / 3(HQ1050C), Specification, Metal Tail Rotor Holder x 3, Stainless Steel Tail Rotor Hub x 1, 3 Blades Tail Rotor Torque Tube x 3, Tail Rotor Washer (F8xF10x0.3mm) x 3, Socket Button Head Collar Screw (M3x8mm) x 3, MR106ZZ Bearing (F6xF10x3mm) x 6, Thrust Bearing F5-10M (F5xF10x4mm) x 3, M3 Nut x 3, M4 Set Screw (M4x4mm) x 1, Metal Tail Pitch Assembly x 1, Slide Shaft x 1, Collar x 1, MR128ZZ Bearing (F8xF12x3.5mm) x 2, Control Link x 3, Bearing Holder x 1, Collar x 6, Round headed cross self tapping collar (M2x6.5mm) x 6, Socket Button Head Collar Screw (M3x17mm) x 3, M3 Nut x 3
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