MSH41503 Mini Protos FBL 3s - Motor+ESC+Blades(325mm)+Brain FBL Mini Protos FBL 3s - Motor+ESC+Blades(325mm)+Brain FBL New
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Mini Protos FBL 3s - Motor+ESC+Blades(325mm)+Brain FBL

Mini Protos FBL 3s - Motor+ESC+Blades(325mm)+Brain FBL
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Frame: Two carbon fibre plates (1.2mm) joined with plastic parts
System trasmission (motor - main rotor - tail rotor): Single belt HTD2mm
Main blades:
- 325mm (kit 3s MSH41503)
- 350mm (kit 6s MSH41504)
Battery usable:
- kit MSH41503 LiPo 3s 2000/2500mAh
- kit MSH41504 LiPo 6s 1300/1400mAh
Main rotor diameter:
- 736mm (3s MSH41503 )
- 786mm (6s MSH41504)
Tail rotor diameter: 157mm
Total lenght without blades: 739mm
Total lenght with blades:
- 904mm (3s MSH41503)
- 929mm (6s MSH41504)
Main shaft diameter: 6mm hollow
Tail shaft diameter: 4mm
Fully height: 223mm
Swashplate servos: 3x micro servos
Tail servo: 1x standard servo or mini servo
Maximum dimension of main blade root: 5mm M3 screw
Maximum dimension of tail blade root: 2.5mm M2 screw
Teeth pinion:
- 15T and 16T (included in the kit)
- 17T and 18T (as upgrade)
Main pulley teeth: 120T
Tail pulley teeth: 28T (included in the kit)
Tail boom diameter: 14mm
Spindle diameter: 4mm M2.5 screw
Main head construction material: Al 7075 (Ergal)
Main shaft construction material: Steel 1000 N/mm^2 (Steeltech AG - ETG 100)
Plastics: Latamid 66 GF30

Pinion: 15T and 16T
Tail boom:
- Aluminium tail boom standard version (to use with blades up to 325mm) and
- Aluminium tail boom stretch version (to use with blades up to 350mm)
Main blades:
- Carbon fibre MSH 325mm (3s MSH41503)
- 350mm (6s MSH41504)
Tail blades: Plastic 56mm root=2.6mm
Flybarless unit: Brain
Motor: MSH by Scorpion 2221 n° magnets = 6
- 2580Kv (3s MSH41503)
- 1300kv (6s MSH41504)
Regulator: MSH by YGE 60A

Max current: 60A continuous
Battery: from 2s to 6s
Governor-Mode: Yes
Soft start: Yes (soft-medium-hard)
Clock frequency: From 8 to 16 kHz
BEC: Switched BEC 5.5V, 3A continuous, peak 5A
Overtemperature or overload warning: Yes
Anti spark system during battery connection: Yes
Weight: 40g (with cables)
Programming: With program card II + III (upgrade)

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 3s (MSH41503) and 6s (MSH41504)
(3s MSH41503)
Main blades included: 325mm
Motor: Scorpion 2580kv

(6s MSH41504)
Main blades included 350mm
Motor: Scorpion 1300kv
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