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Advanced G-Sensitive Collective Management.

Now there is no need to compromise your set-up between high-g capability and ultimate climb and flight speeds. RL40 intelligently applies collective management to give you the best of both worlds.
Like its predecessor, the RL30, this governor will, when needed, limit the amount of collective pitch available to prevent excessive loss of head-speed in high-g manoeuvres. However, RL40 goes one stage further, and by incorporating an accelerometer is able to recognize low-g flight situations such as fast forward flight and vertical climbs where greater performance can be obtained by allowing more collective pitch to be employed even where this results in some loss of head speed.

It also greatly simplifies the set-up and installation by removing the need for careful pitch range adjustment.

As with all RevLocks, RevLock 40:-
- Protects your equipment from over-revving
- Locks to a digitally synthesised reference: gives the greatest accuracy and fastest response
- Maintains power and control in aerobatics
- Ideal for beginners: easy to installl and helps with throttle curve setup
- You’re in control: switch modes and alter speed and responsivity from your Tx.
- Like RevLock 20 & 30, is adjustable via PC Interface: set parameters from home or your laptop, compatible with the CSM LPT and USB PC interfaces

Supplied with sensor, magnet, accelerometer head, three stainless steel mounting brackets, four 300 mm leads, mounting foams, adhesive heat-shrink sleeving, pot adjuster.

Requires a PC interface to access all features, and a mixer such as CycLock to be able to utilize the Collective Management on CCPM models, otherwise can be used as a normal governor.
Additional Information
Part Number CSMRL40
Manufacturer CSM